NUS' Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music School has established a joint Bachelor of music degree with the famous Peabody Institute in US which is 154 years old!

Peabody Institute is an elite music school at The John Hopkins University in Baltimore, US. Yong Siew Toh and Peabody will be celebrating their 10 year old relationship next month in March. 

I was told that I cannot scan in the newspaper cutting and put it in my blog. It is in the 16th February Life! of Straits Times newspaper. The official agreement is to be signed in March 2011.

The 4 year degree course (8 semester) will be made available to 3 to 5 first year students from either school. 3 out of the 8 semester will be done at the host's campus. Students will be exposed to both Asian & American soundscape. This programme will be made available to only top students who score an average of  4.1 in their classes to qualify. They need not sit for audition at host school.  

For more information, please check with NUS' Yong Siew Toh ;)