Background, Performance & Achievement
Wendy started learning piano at a very young age and attained Grade 7 practical and grade 5 theory with ABRSM in her teens. Her immense passion for music and performing made her decide to further her music study with Lasalle College of the Arts for three years where she graduated with a Diploma in Music. During her course of study, she majored in piano, popular music and performed with a band weekly. She also went through modules such as history of popular music, transcription, theory, aural, writing, cultural study, technical theatre arts and arts management. She also found her passion for sharing and teaching music in college. She taught piano in her college days to kindergarten children after their daily lesson as an enrichment programme. She continued her teaching at Cristofori Music School before moving to part time private coaching and finally, to full time private coaching currently.

Wendy is currently married with 2 beautiful young girls. Wendy currently teaches music and piano using an Australian syllabus, Encore Music, which was introduced by a good friend. Wendy was personally trained by the two founders; Mark & Morna. Wendy had taught the programme in schools prior to giving birth and now she conducts group lessons at home in Yishun, for children from as young as 2 years old.

Style of Teaching
She believes in developing her student's passion and interest as well as kindling the child's interest to practice willingly. As a passionate lover of music, she believes in kindling the individual’s interest rather than employing the rod. She also firmly believes that Music is for the Everyman, not just for the high brow. Being a firm yet cheerful teacher, seeing her student's joy and enjoyment while playing the piano is her biggest motivation to help realise her student’s potential.

Teachers Training Programme for Encore on Keys and Kinderbeat programme
Teacher Wendy also offers programmes for teachers keen in training to be Encore (a fun factor embedded Australian Music programme). Find out more about the programme and become a trained specialist!

Kinder Beat Music Appreciation

The vibrant grooves and contemporary flair of Kinder Beat are immediately apparent. Children instantly connect with the freshness and vitality of the songs. Our engaging characters – Kinder Bear, Kinder Roo, Joey and Super Cool Mouse – make every lesson a special experience for each child. They ensure that the fun factor is always embedded. Kinder Beat is developmentally precise. It is a truly exciting and unique start to music that sets the global benchmark for early childhood music.

  • 2 to 4.5 years old / 30 min each lesson
    • Kinder Beat 1: $90 for 4 lessons
    • Kinder beat 2: $100 for 4 lessons
    • Kinder Beat Piano: $120 for 4 lessons

Encore on Keys Group Piano Lessons (Beginner Level)

Encore on Keys Beginner Levels incorporate multiple learning layers, delightful characters and a progressive curriculum. It offers a dynamic approach that is suitable for a group setting.

  • 5 to 7 years old / 45 min each lesson
    • Encore on Keys Junior 1 & 2: $120 for 4 lessons
    • Encore on Keys Junior 3 & 4: $140 for 4 lessons
  • 8 to 12 years old / 45 min each lesson
    • Encore on Keys Primary 1: $120 for 4 lessons
    • Encore on Keys Primary 2: $140 for 4 lessons
  • 13 years old and above / 45 min each lesson
    • Accent on Keys Level 1 & 2: $180 for 4 lessons

Encore on Keys Group Piano Lessons (Advanced Level)

The Achiever Piano Series is thoroughly rewarding. It is the progressive course from either the Junior Piano, Primary Piano or Accent Piano Series. This four book program takes students to a higher level of artistry, technical proficiency and creative flair.

  • Achievers Series 1 – $150 for 4 lessons
  • Achievers Series 2 – $160 for 4 lessons
  • Achievers Series 3 – $170 for 4 lessons
  • Achievers Series 4 – $180 for 4 lessons

Terms and Conditions:

  1. Payment of fees are to be made by the 1 st week of the month. If the lesson begin on any other weeks of the month besides the first, the lesson fees will then be prorated accordingly.
  2. Minimum of 2 & maximum of 4 students per class.
  3. Upon completion of each Encore on Keys beginner series, all students will progress to the Achievers series.
  4. Students with experience will have an assessment session of 10 min before the teacher decides which level they should attend. Otherwise, Achievers Series 1 will be the starting level for all grades.
  5. It is compulsory to purchase student kits consisting of a CD, upon enrolment.
  6. Instruments and percussions will be provided during lessons.
  7. Each student will be allocated a keyboard during class for all Encore on Keys programme.
  8. For all group piano lessons, the teacher will use an upright piano, and all students will have their turn on the upright piano during each lesson.
  9. Certificates will be issued upon completion of each level.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do you use ABRSM?/ What approach do you use?

I use Encore on Keys curriculum from Australia. I am trained and certified to teach the syllabus.

What approach does Encore on Keys use/ what’s so unique about Encore on Keys?

Encore on Keys takes on a skilled based approach as compared to a theoretical approach. Students start off by learning to sing the song with movement and gesture. Thereafter, they learn the rhythm and beat of the song using percussion instruments (tambourine, castanets, rhythm sticks, egg shakers, etc). Once they master the rhythm and beat they proceed to learn to play the song on the keyboard/piano and prior to the end of the lesson learn to read the notes using the flashcards (only for Junior & Primary levels).

What will they achieve at the end of a lesson?

Students will be able to play a song that they have learnt from the book.

Why do we need the purchase the student kit?/ What does the student kit contain?

The student kit contains a book with all the songs that the student will learn according to the level as well as a CD with the audio tracks of the songs and flash cards (for Junior & Primary levels).

What is your schedule?

Classes will be conducted once a week. We have weekday and weekend classes. There will not be any classes on Public Holidays.

Do you offer private classes?

All our classes are conducted in groups.

What if I have experience playing or have been learning to play the piano?

I can do an assessment to decipher which level your skill sets will fall under and allocate a class accordingly.

Is there examination conducted in this school?

I do not encourage examinations in the foundation years as my classes are more focused on skill-based learning. However, at advance levels when your child requests to try for a graded examination, I will be more than willing to train and send him/her for exams.

What is your make up class policy?

There are strictly no make up classes due to the nature of the group setting. However, if your child has valid reasons to miss the lesson such as MC or for compassionate reasons, then 50% of the lesson fee will be offset in the following month’s fee collection. A maximum of 5 offsets will be allowed within a year.

Do you offer trial class?

Yes we do. Trial classes will be $50 per session, subject to availability. You may discuss with me directly for available slots.

Can I join anytime?

Student can join anytime for Kinder Beat classes. For Encore on Keys classes, it will depend on your child’s progress as well as the progression of the classes that are running.

How much is the student kit?

We will provide the retail price list upon sign up.

Do you have sibling discount?

When the sibling of an existing student joins the program, we will offer 10% off the fees.

Do you have terms?

My classes run throughout the year. We will take a week’s break in June and December. The dates of the break will be informed prior to the month.

Kindergartens using Encore
1. Raffles House @ PayaLebar
2. Bethesda PasirRis kindergarten
3. My First Skool
4. The Children’s Place
5. Redhouse
6. My World Preschool
7. Holy Grace Kindergarten
8. Lumiere Montessori House
9. Spring Brainy Kidz Yishun Branch
10. Saint Paul Church Kindergarten (Kovan)