Piano Lessons – FAQ

Frequently asked questions by Students & Parents

What is the service provided by YourPianoLessons.com?
We provide the service of finding a suitable piano teacher based on your requirement and location. As much as possible, we will refer a teacher we have worked with and have received good feedback and recommendation from another student or parent.

Is there any fee for the service provided?
There is NO FEE to the student or parent. After we have successfully found a suitable teacher for you, we will charge the piano teacher a one-time referral fee. This referral fee is equivalent to the fee of 2 sessions of piano lessons. This referral fee will be collected from the teacher. Parents can pay the tuition fees directly to the teacher for the first month and thereafter.

How do I make payments?
Bank transfer/Bank deposit: DBS Savings PLUS
Account No: 008-9-047326
Bank Code: 7171
Branch Code: 008

How long does it take to find a suitable teacher?

We usually take 2 business days get back to you. You could start the first lesson usually within a week or 2.

How do I know that the teacher is qualified?
The requirement for our teachers is to have a minimum certification of Grade 8 by ABRSM or Trinity Guildhall. Many have relevant music diplomas & degrees. However, parents could request teachers to bring the certifications on the first lessons to verify or get us to email the soft copies before the start of the lessons. 

What if I want to change a teacher?
It is recommended that student stay with the teacher for at least a month to allow some time for teacher to understand the student’s learning style and for adjustment to understand the teacher’s teaching style and method.

If it is within the first month of engagement of the teacher and student or parent would like to change the teacher, we could offer a change in teacher for 1 time without charge. The teacher or parent have to pay whatever is due to the piano teacher for the delivered lessons and the piano teacher will not be charged the referral fee.

Upon the replacement of a new piano teacher, the new teacher will be charged the referral fee as per normal.

I want to get a piano teacher now. How do I register?
You can provide us with your personal information and requirement here or call us / sms us now!

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