Children can benefit greatly form taking piano lessons. This is especially true as young children are developing their senses and piano playing can help to improve hand and eye coordination, focus and concentration. Piano lessons for children can create a sense of accomplishment, as they learn and gain more skill the will feel that they are able to be successful if they put in the effort. It has been shown that practicing the piano can also help children do well in school and this has been backed up by research that has been ongoing for over10 years. This is an important thing to consider when contemplating piano lessons for children.

A study was conducted to monitor the effect of piano lessons for children and the effect that is generated on the minds learning process. The introduction of the arts showed that neurological growth was stimulated by playing and learning the piano. In February of 1997 Dr. Frances Rauscher a psychologist, worked with physicist, Dr. Gordon Shaw to conduct a study of preschoolers and the impact that musical education had on their learning. There were 3 groups of student in the study, one group was given piano lessons and the other 2 groups were the control groups, these groups were not given piano lessons. With the analysis of the research an interesting conclusion was discovered. The piano lessons for children had proven beneficial enough to enable the children to increase their math and science scores at an average of 30% over the control groups. This firm evidence shows that the arts and the piano lessons for children can positively affect students learning and problem solving abilities. Dr. Frances Rauscher working with, Dr. Gordon Shaw also noticed an increase in reasoning ability amongst college students who listened to piano music regularly. These results are interesting as they show that the mere hearing of the pianos music is beneficial to the minds reasoning process.

Other similar studies have shown that children who have taken piano lessons will score higher on IQ tests and in general will perform better in math, reasoning and science testing. This testing lends to the theory that piano lessons for children are very beneficial as while the child is playing and learning the piano, neural pathways are stimulated to the point of accelerating the learning process. These results lead some to believe that this piano practice may even be useful to those children who suffer from developmental conditions such as autism. This information will cause many parent to want to investigate piano lessons for children who may not be the most likely candidates for piano lessons. All children who are interested and willing to practice will be available to take advantage of these benefits, your child may not become a genius but they will produce results. If you are interested in using piano lessons for children as a tool to help develop your child’s mind then it’s a good idea to start early in their lives. Although the benefits are there for teenagers as well as adults, its just the learning curve may not be a fast or as noticeable early on.

The information we have seen shows that there are many benefits of piano lessons for children that can be realized early on in life. If you have a small child now would be a great time to start thinking about looking for a piano teacher to help your child along with the development of the minds neural pathway development. To start the piano lessons are usually only 15 to 30 minutes and they can be at your home if you have a piano or at a local studio. By providing piano lessons for children parents are allowing their child a head start in life. You are enabling them a special advantage to excel later on in school and college.

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