What if instead of boring note reading skills, piano lessons for beginners were focused on the student actually learning to play music? Piano lessons for beginners can be exciting!

There is a mini revolution taking place in the world of teaching piano. A style of learning piano that is making piano lessons for beginners more appealing than ever before.  The traditional way, although effective was not exciting for many people. The idea of learning by focusing on notes, scales and the arduous task of site reading music is daunting for many new piano students. When considering piano lessons for beginners, a teacher will want to make sure to keep the class interesting as new students can become bored if they do not feel that they are making progress.

This piano learning method that we want to discuss here is know as “learning chords” It is a method that is helping change the way people see piano lessons, this is especially helpful when new students are contemplating piano lessons for beginners.   The benefit to learning chords is that this makes the learning experience more exciting. The students who practice with this new method are able to pick up the skill of playing their piano quickly and they will be playing songs much faster than the students of the more traditional method. This should be of interest to all piano teachers who are interested in providing piano lessons for beginners as it will help with the popularity of your lessons. The reason why this method is growing in popularity is that it allows the student to begin playing songs in just a few lessons whereas previously the student would expect hours of practicing scales. This isn’t surprising when you understand that most people imagine themselves playing music from the piano, not the boring routine of practicing scales and working on studying the fundamentals. Piano lessons for beginners will generally be more successful if they feel like they are making progress and having a good time at the same time. After all, if you were to sign up for a new piano class and they had you sitting and playing scales for the duration of the lesson how would that make you feel? By playing and practicing in chords you provide an exciting piano lesson for beginners that enable the ability to play with more complete building blocks. In the process of making music on the piano this is the intention and the sooner the student gets to that point, the sooner they will feel in love with the piano learning journey.

When we look at this new approach to learning the piano it brings to mind the question “why does anyone still use the more traditional approach when teaching piano lessons for beginners?”  Chords are where the excitement and musical creativity lie, guitar lessons are given by using chords but for some reason it has been slow to catch on in the musical community. This may be why many people are more interested in taking up the guitar instead of the piano. There are people that feel the learning curve to playing the piano is too steep and because of this, they don’t have the patience to go forward with the piano. With proper education and marketing, piano lessons for beginners can have a renewed interest. People just need to know that they don’t need to spend hundreds or even thousands of hours to attain piano playing ability.

The overall goal of providing piano lessons for beginners is to help the students understand the building blocks of creating music and through learning chords this goal can be realized more quickly. Then a teacher will be able to formulate piano lessons for beginners who will be enabled to create their favorite music in weeks instead of many months. Whether it’s Jazz or Classical, seeing this excitement is a very rewarding thing for any teacher.  For piano to continue as an interesting and exciting art it should be taught with the proper perspective on getting the people up to speed quickly and allowing them to be creative with out the large investment of time. After all, who has an abundance of spare time today? Piano lessons for beginners can start off with the ‘language of music’ rather than the ‘letters’ of the language. When beginners enjoy it and gets motivated, they can go on to master the traditional sight-reading.

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