Private piano lesson is a popular option in Singapore. Choosing a private piano teacher for your child is very important task. I cannot tell you how important a role the piano teacher plays. In music education, there are so many aspects that need to be developed. In Singapore, the piano is an increasingly popular to help a child develop musical talents as well as other tangible skills. But first you need to find someone qualified someone who will make the learning process enjoyable for your child. The role of the piano teacher is critical in your child’s musical education, this teacher will shape the way your young child sees the art of playing the piano as well as the quality of music that will be produced. In Singapore, there are a large number of full time and part-time piano teachers and studios in comparison to 10 years ago.

Interview your Piano Teacher Depending on who your piano teacher is and their schedule you should be able to talk with them about setting up a short interview. The interview is important not only to see how your child interacts with the piano teacher but to see what is expected from the teacher and their methodology. Things that you can expect to discuss are:
•    Materials and books
•    Goals and Examinations
•    Recitals and non-class activities
•    Attendance expectations
•    Policy on missing lessons
•    Parental involvement & feedback
•    Expectations on home or self practice
•    Style of discipline These policies will help you as a busy parent to know what to expect and if you want to work with this particular piano teacher. For the child, this interview process will allow them to see the expectations and get a glimpse of what life will be like when taking piano lessons. If the piano teacher is so willing you may want to setup an introduction lesson as a part of the interviewing process. This is even more beneficial than just the meet and greet interview. You will be able to see first hand how the piano teacher works with your child; you can see the teachers’ methodology and what you think about their approach. This is a great benefit as you can inspect the teachers’ prospect before you pay any tuition or sign any contracts. Piano Teacher Qualifications It’s also important to learn about how the piano teacher is qualified. In Singapore qualifications are very important and highly regarded when people make their piano teacher selection. In Singapore, most piano teachers will obtain their diplomas from 2 musical exam boards. These are the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music and Trinity Guildhall. According to the Associated Board of the Royal Schools (ABRSM) syllabus, there are three levels of diploma study taken by piano teachers. They are listed in order of ascending qualification:
1. Dip-ABRSM Performance
2. LRSM Performance
3. FRSM Performance In the Trinity syllabus, there are three levels of diploma study taken by piano teachers, in order of ascending qualification:
1. ATCL Performance, or ATCL Recital
2. LTCL Recital
3. FTCL Performance These are the common diploma qualifications that you may find in a Singapore based piano teacher. Although the completion of education for a piano teacher shows that they have attained a certain level of instructing and musical knowledge there are other things to think about. I believe as do many others that the paper certifications aren’t the #1 thing in an evaluation. I am not saying that one should not take any exams, but rather, the place of exams in music education should be seen in the right perspective. Most musiic schools and conservatories accept students by audition anyway. As we mentioned earlier how will the student get along with the teacher. Does the piano teacher like to teach young students and have a passion for working with children? If not then all the certification and qualifications in the world won’t mean anything. This information should help you in your understanding of choosing a qualified piano teacher; ultimately it’s up to you and your family to make the best choice for your needs. Remember, what works for your child is best!

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