If you are looking for an exceptional value on a piano, consider an upright digital model. With the selection of an upright digital piano you don’t need to sacrifice quality or feel, yet you will be able to save money. The digital piano market has progressed quite a bit in the last 10 years. These pianos now come with beautiful finishes that vary from wooden grain to gloss ebony. When the upright case design is combined with digital piano technology the result is a piano that will impress your friends and family while providing studio quality sound.

Authentic Keyboard Feel
When you choose a digital piano make sure the keyboard has a realistic feel, many of the higher quality digital models are equipped with a keyboard that is weighted. To go a step further find a model that uses weighted graded hammers as this lends to realism during the playing experience. This makes the higher notes easier to press and lower notes feel heavier, simulating the fee; of an acoustic piano. 

Authentic Sound Quality
As digital piano technology has changed over the years, the sound has become more realistic. Make sure to find a piano that has a realistic sound, a piano that sounds too computerized will most likely lie around unused. High quality digital piano manufacturers have recorded acoustic piano notes and designed the digital piano to play the corresponding note when the key is pushed. If you play the highest key on a digital piano keyboard you will hear the recorded sound of the highest key of an acoustic piano. This is one of the so many ways digital pianos have worked to narrow the gap between the digital pianos and the acoustic. You could always compare the digital and the acoustic sound quality in the piano shop. What finally matters is that the sound of the digital piano you choose pleases your ears. You could lend your friend’s or an expert’s too by bringing him along. 

Other Good to Have Features & Bonuses
Some may appreciate the extra features that digital piano manufacturers have incorporated into their pianos. Things that make the digital piano more functional to a serious musician like voice and note recording, digital effects and a Midi interface. Other features on more advanced digital pianos include entertainment features like that of a Karaoke; and internet connectivity. The internet connection allows you to download music from the internet and play at your convenience. With the tips mentioned here you can now see some of the benefits of a digital piano. Today many people re not aware of these options or new developments. The digital piano has matured and is definitely worth a second look. Ultimately it’s up to you to analyze your needs and choose from the many options available.

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