Miss Evelyn Lim, a passionate teacher, who has produced a string of students who scores distinction, teaches in Sengkang
Evelyn is very structured in her teaching. She is really very caring and she never give up on her students as long as they do not give up on themselves. She is always willing to give second chances. A dedicated teacher who always encourages her students, subtly pushing them to achieve their fullest potential.
~ Ms Toh Hong Hun
, Section leader for alto & assistant student conductor for her JC choir

Ms Toh also has a string of distinctions and merits from ABRSM

Lessons at Home Studio ONLY:
Blk 238 Compassvale Walk, Singapore 540238
(near Sengkang MRT)

A string of distinctions…..a teacher who touches the lives of others through music.

Some of her student’s recent ABRSM Exam practical results:130, 131, 132, 133, 133, 134, 135, 136, 139, 136, 142Some of her student’s recent ABRSM Exam theory results: 92, 93, 94, 96, 97, 100(These are just SOME of the results achieved. The full range is avaliable in the teacher’s file for viewing upon request!)

Outcome – hear what examiners say of Evelyn’s students

“Colourful playing with a wide dynamic range.”
“There was much to enjoy in your playing. Congratulations!”

Examiner’s Comments

“Musically aware and tonal qualities were imaginatively varied”
” Promising playing and very good preparation.

Evelyn is a full-time Classical piano teacher. She coaches students on piano and music theory solely at her home studio in Sengkang. She loves perfoming on the piano and teaching piano.

Karel Lee is the section leader for double-bass in her school’s String Ensemble. She has always achieved either merit or distinction in her ABRSM examinations.


Miss Evelyn has been dedicatedly coaching students in piano for the past 9 years. She is a loyal supporter of ABRSM. Her specialty is in the qualitative and exam-oriented coaching of the ABRSM piano practical and music theory syllabus. 80% of her students obtain quality results in their ABRSM examinations.She holds her fort strong, with numerous qualitative cases of merit and distinction results. To date, she has a total of 95 and 88 qualitative cases in her students’ respective practical and theory examinations.

EXCELLENCE is a gradual result of always striving TO DO BETTER

Miss Evelyn has also coached and facilitated students in the Music Elective Program (MEP). She also performs from time to time. Some of her performing experiences include Cristofori Children’s Day Concert in 2008, SMU inaugural piano masterclass event, Klaviesta in 2009 and Musical Offerings in 2017.

Miss Evelyn also holds a Bachelor of Arts degree majoring in English Language and Literature from the National University of Singapore. She has taught English to students from Primary 1 to GCE O Level and General Paper at GCE A Level.


Miss Evelyn’s students have also emerged among the nation’s top few percentiles, achieving high distinction scores of 138 and 143 in their ABRSM practical examinations. “I guess I have unconsciously incorporated the trait of quality deliverance from my corporate experience into my piano teaching. My aim is to utilize available resources effectively for both parents and students,” she elaborates. The consistent distinction results of her students are available for viewing upon request.


Though Evelyn’s teaching is purpose-driven, her style is flexible too. She understands that each child differs in character and ability. For instance, finding the right key from note-reading can be quite an arduous task for a 6 year old as compared to a 14 year old. Thus more time and guidance have to be given for learning. Evelyn looks at a situation from the child’s perspective rather than her own. Empathiszing with each chld’s disposition, she adapts her style to bring out the best in each child.

Evelyn’s dynamism can be observed in the variety of areas covered each lesson. Aural aspects such as singing and clapping are included instead of confining to practical alone. She acknowledges that aural skills stimulate one’s musical sense. Duet-playing is also practised to increaise the students’ interest and participation. “The whole idea is to make musical learning purposeful and fun,” she explains.


Evelyn’s other interests include travelling to exotic countries such as Egypt and South Africa. She is an avid book lover and enjoys a weekly dip in the pool.

Music Appreciation (non exam)
Sight Reading

Miss Evelyn Lim, a passionate piano teacher who teaches in Sengkang, has a string of students who score distinctions. We have received quite many pleasant feedbacks from parents.


“I have to endure long hours and many repeated corrections to achieve my Grade 8. But it was worthwhile. Thank you Miss Evelyn!”-Samuel Sim, Anglo-Chinese (Independent),MEP (Music Elective Programme) student who under the tutelage of Miss Evelyn Lim, aced his ABRSM grade 8 Practical examination with only a previous foundation of ABRSM grade 5 qualificaton.

” A soft-spoken teacher. She communicates and accepts feedbacks form parents to work in the best interests of her students. ” -Mrs Ong

“Evelyn desires to build a good foundation for her students. This is something which I find lacking in other teachers I have come across. I have been learning piano under Evelyn for 2 years and not only has my playing improved, my interest has increased significantly too. ” – Adult student Yee Hong with a 130 distinction pass in Grade 2 piano after 1 year’s learning.





Some of her students (Click Image to Enlarge):


Cousins Hsin Hui and Elijah Shimbo, both aced their ABRSM exams with respective scores of 125 and 142.


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