Private piano lessons conducted at student’s place only – Town area, Serangoon, Hougang, Sengkang, Punggol, Ang Mo Kio, etc

Piano lesson is more than just a music lesson. It is a unique learning experience that coordinates one’s mind, hands, fingers, and spirit. It can also serve as the basis for all education.

Karina’s Teaching Philosophy and Practices

Anytime, any age, is a good time to begin or resume piano lessons.  

Most people are born with musical aptitude and interest. However, without the right exposure and training, the aptitude and interest tend to wane. Good music teachers understand and encourage students, no matter their ages, levels, or individual learning styles.

Karina believes instruction should be tailored according to the students’ age and needs, as no 2 persons learn at the same rate or style. She believes in establishing a solid foundation, which includes proper seating, posture, hand position, fingering, rhythm, reading, technique, theory, and ear training. 

Although mastering an instrument requires hard work, Karina feels that the process should also be fun one too. “I strive to help my students enjoy the process of understanding and making music”, said Karina. 

“In my lessons, I spend first few minutes talking and listening to the child’s weekly events so that the child can settle into lessons more easily”. With her passion for music and love for children combined, Karina’s goal is to enrich the lives of children through teaching music.

Karina’s Background 

  • Karina has 20 years experiences teaching in home studio & music schools such as Yamaha and Cristofori.
  • She specializes in teaching piano to all ages & levels, from 4 years’ old to adults, and from beginners to professional.
  • Some of her students include mildly- autistic children. Karina is extremely proud of one such student achieving distinction in Grade 1 practical exam

Teacher Karina (in red), alongside Richard Clayderman, in Piano Competition 2006 in panel of judges

Karina’s Qualifications & Achievements

  • Diploma in Audio Engineering 1993
  • Performer’s Certificate in Pianoforte 1994 (Trinity) 
  • Licentiate Teacher Pianoforte 1998
  • CTABRSM 1999 (part of the course  was taken in London)
  • Alongside Richard Clayderman, Karina was a Judge in Cristofori Piano Competition 2006


What her students say

“Playing the piano is great fun!”   Irene, age 4.
“Learning to play the Piano was on my bucket list. I’m glad Karina helped to fulfill it.” –  Mr Tan, age 48.

Some frequently asked questions by parents, answered by Teacher Karina:

When should my child begin piano lessons?
From my experience, it is about 5 years old. But it can be even younger, depending on the child’s interest.

How long should my child practice?
There is no set time duration for practice. It is more important that a child spends quality, rather than quantity time with the piano. And it is also very important to have focused practice session on a daily basis.

My child plays too fast when practicing. What can I do to help?
A common reason why a child practices fast is to get it over and done with practicing. And sometimes, students like to play fast because it is showy and exciting. One way to prevent this is to use a metronome.

A little remark from
Karina has worked with us for some time and she is well received by parents and students. We love to work with her! She teaches adult learners and have a handful of adult students. Teacher Karina drives and now only teaches at Students’ place in the area of Serangoon, Hougang, Sengkang, Punggol, Ang Mo KIo & Town area. Please call us at to enquire about her schedule, rate and available slots! Call us now!

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