Private Piano Teachers vs Piano Music School

Many students and parents may ask about the difference in having lessons at the Music School and with private piano instructors.This article is meant to offer an objective comparison based on most school's system vs that of private piano teacher's policies.

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Piano, Music & Babes!

A group of babies less than a year old having music & movement class. Parents of as young as 3 years olds enquired about piano lessons at home. How early can our kids start? What do you think is a good age to start piano lessons for children?


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Yamaha's U1

Yamaha's U1 - Recommended Piano for Grade 1 to Grade 8

Many parents and students ask for recommendations on the type and model of pianos to buy so as to last them from Grade 1 to 8. So, here it is.

A piano teacher in Singapore, someone affiliated with Piano Teachers' Circle, a well accredited teacher awarded with ATCL, FTCL, Diploma in Music Yamaha Academy Singapore, CT (ABRSM), Certificate in  Piano Pedagogy (Moscow P. I. Tchaikovsky Conservatory) and 20 over years of teaching experience, strongly recommends Yamaha's U1. "I have been recommending U1 only for mid-range pianos. It is a very reliable exam model that requires very minimal maintenance and is very lasting. It has very good resale value as well, since it is a highly popular model.The investment is $9,850. You can even trust a well kept 8 year old U1 second hand piece."

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Classical Style Piano Lessons vs Chord Piano Lessons

Many people who have recently begun studying the piano have questions about styles of playing the piano as well as varying ways of learning during their piano lesson. These things are critical to understand as they effect how your overall success will progress. One of the questions that come up during a piano lesson is the difference of learning through a classical piano technique as compared with a chord based piano instruction. This article is based on explaining the difference between the 2 teaching styles and what it means to you.

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Piano Teachers and Trinity Diplomas - ATCL, LTCL, FTCL?

Wonder what the teachers' ATCL, LTCL, FTCL Diplomas are? They are diplomas awarded by Trinity Guildhall. At a glance:

Trinity began offering examinations in music to external students in 1877, and later expanded its provision to offer examinations in other areas of the performing arts.

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Piano Lessons for Adults – How to Get Started & Learn Quickly

The piano is fantastic instrument that has been popular around the word for centuries. This instrument is fairly easy to learn by anyone who is willing to invest the time. There may be some of us who will adapt to playing more easily that others, but with the right perspective and planning, you can enjoy and start playing at the piano. There are different approaches and methodologies you can take to learning. From online piano lessons for adults to one-on-one piano lessons, learning to read music scores to learning by ear, classical music to blues, you have varying options to start learning piano.

Piano Lessons for Adults - No One is Too Late A good time in life to learn is when you are young, but what if you never had the opportunity to learn the piano when you were younger? Well that’s what piano lessons for adults are for. It is a simple fact that some are more musically gifted than others, and despite your age you can still pickup the piano and learn to produce beautiful music. But what other things do you need to be aware of to start learning the piano?

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